30 - 31 May, 2018
Copthorne Tara Hotel Kensington, London, United Kingdom

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Land ISR Agenda

Land ISR and C2 Battle Management is the world's only dedicated C2ISR conference for the army and special forces community.  Download the on site programme now to view the full speaker list and agenda.

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Previous attendee list from our most recent ISR & C2 Battle Management event

Take a look at the sample attendee list from our most recent ISR & C2 Battle Management USA event to give you an idea of who you will meet at the first Land ISR event. 

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Land ISR & C2 Battle Management: Perspectives from Military/Government

The fast-moving environment in which land forces operate presents them with an uncertain and complex future and C2ISR assets will need to adapt to enable successful operations.In this exclusive infographic, more than 250 subject matter experts in the regular and special forces communities share their perspectives on the industry solutions...

Global Airborne ISR Platforms & Payloads Technology and Market Forecast to 2025

This Market Forecast intelligence report covers the Airborne ISR Platforms & Payloads market; who demands those capabilities; who is developing technologies to meet that demand; which technologies are most promising and which are not; and which buyers will favour which capabilities. The forecast covers the entire period to 2025 but also displays the...

Global Market Report 2017-2018

Today's threats to the military is posed by both non-state and near-peer actors, coupled with the emergence of 'multi-domain' concepts of operation. Nations need to adapt their ISR strategy to mitigate risks created by an ever-changing land domain.Ahead of the inaugural Land ISR, Defence IQ put together this complimentary market...

Land Force Integration, ISR Operations and Procurement: Insights from the Spanish Joint Special Operations Command

Special Operations Forces are highly effective on their own, but integrating them into wider conventional land force operations, particularly in the context of ISR and battle management, remains a challenge.A few years ago, Spain approved the creation of the Spanish Joint Special Operations Command to respond to the need to...

ISR & C2 Battle Management Survey Report 2017

Defence IQ surveyed over 200 people within the Intelligence community, from government and military employees to solution providers and academics. This survey report gives an insight into the collective feeling about current focus areas for ISR & C2 BM, and the interaction between the government and other industries on ISR...

Global ISR Portfolio 2018 - Strategic Partnership Prospectus

 This year, land ISR capabilities have been a vital resources to deployed troops on the Middle East battlefields, by providing them with situational awareness and enabling them to achieve the desired effect. While the acquisition still remains strongly focused on today's challenges, both governments and industry are starting to turn...